The Wisdom of Trees

I have always been powerfully drawn to the innate power and majesty of trees. The Bodhi tree, for example, is said to have been the place of meditation where the Buddha first attained enlightenment. I admit, when I am in the presence of a grand old tree, I always feel just a bit more enlightened.

Thus does the symbol of a tree represent wisdom and also capture the complexity of the self and its journey towards greater levels of enlightened being – and doing. It also serves to convey a more worldly connection to all of life, where its deep roots are grounded in the earth and waters below. The grandest of trees offers us a glimpse of true unity and holds itself steady and poised to reveal the deeper truths of life to all who care to stop and rest with her awhile.

I think we grow wiser when we connect with nature in its perfection, relevance and powerful energy. It provides us with an instant connection to the true and real where our lifetime of travels instantly makes more coherent sense. Nature helps us find some space, peace, acceptance, and even surrender. It’s also deeply refreshing to emerge more aware and connected to the larger whole and with the natural rhythms of life.

Peoples’ lives and the organizations they work in are similarly vibrant, alive, organic systems. They require careful reflection and nurturance to grow in wisdom and transcend their limits to reaching the fullest potential. People, like trees, grow in multiple directions – up, down, out. When we reach for the skies and remain grounded in the earth, true beauty and bounty emerges easily.

Reach for new perspectives.